We have updated our existing bead collection and have launched in six stunning PVD colours and finishes. Not only do these beads complement any CABLE™ Bracelet they also make a stunning necklace alongside our Pendant Converter … So, now there are more ways to customise your look with our stainless steel jewellery. We had received quite a few requests from customers about the availability of our beads in the PVD colour range so we were extremely excited to launch.

The Pendant Converter allows anyone to wear the range of beads as a pendant on a necklace. It has been designed to showcase the geometries, finishes and form of the individual beads, and now with the added PVD colour range you can mix and match in seven different stunning colours and finishes.

Colours are available in PVD : Petrol, Matte Black, Polished Black, Anthracite, Matte Gold and Rose gold. Once your chosen bead is locked onto the pendant converter, these two components combine to create one complete finished piece of stainless steel jewellery.

The inspiration for Bailey of Sheffield jewellery  originates from a search for an enduring and enticing piece of jewellery. The CABLE™ Bracelet was born from a desire to create a piece that was as highly designed, as it was durable and long lasting. It is important our customers are able to interact with the brand, designing their own bracelet with a choice of colours and parts.