A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be invited to showcase our British made marine grade 316L stainless steel jewellery at the Eroica Britannia Festival. Our pieces were displayed in the Best of Britannia area, together with products from other up and coming breakthrough British brands.

Eroica Britannia 2017 – A Magnificent British Biking Event

The 2017 Eroica Britannia Festival was held between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th of June in the Derbyshire town of Buxton. This fabulous family event took place in glorious summer sunshine, and its programme featured everything from a mini velodrome built by The Gadget Shows Jason Bradbury to a performance from 80s pop stars ABC.

Festival-goers could enjoy mouth-watering street food, and buy vintage clothing, cycling accessories and our distinctive CABLE bracelets in the bustling shopping areas.

The festival programme was also packed with events for cyclists, with its centrepiece being the Sunday morning bike ride. This renowned ride is known as “The World's Most Handsome Bike Ride” – and it was easy to see why when 4,500 cyclists, donning vintage cycling gear, climbed on their pre-1987 bicycles at sunrise.

The bike ride – and the festival that incorporates it – was the brainchild of four people who wanted to hold a British version of Italy’s L’Eroica bike race. These people were, coincidentally, based in our home town of Sheffield, highlighting the creativity and innovative ideas that spring from this Yorkshire city!

Best of Britannia – Bailey of Sheffield at the Eroica Festival

We were proud to be displaying our beautifully designed jewellery within the Best of Britannia pavillion of the festival. Established in 2012, Best of Britannia (or BOB) is a collective of up and coming and heritage British brands, and is at the forefront of promoting these companies' products to the world.

Other British brands represented in the Best of the Britannia area of the Eroica Festival, alongside Bailey of Sheffield, included:

  • Hill & Ellis - who produce handmade leather bike bags;
  • Lane By Post - who produce stunning lifestyle and homeware products.
  • Dashel - who make durable and lightweight cycle helmets from carbon fibre.

All brands in the Best of Britannia collective are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and design expertise.

Bailey of Sheffield – A Design-Led British Brand

We embrace the qualities that the Best of Britannia collective stands for and are proud to be part of it. We are also members of "Made in Britain" and "Made in Sheffield".

Based in Sheffield’s historic Portland Works, the birthplace of the city’s famous stainless steel industry, our business is firmly rooted in British tradition. We are also proud of our innovative design and our focus on customer service that you’d expect from a forward-thinking, contemporary brand.

Our jewellery exudes modern style while boasting the durability that comes from using 316L marine grade Sheffield stainless steel. Our CABLE bracelets are also fully customisable, enabling us to work with you to create your ideal piece; something that’s made possible because all of our pieces are hand built in our Sheffield workshop.

Thanks to the skills and dedication of the talented designers and craftspeople in our team, we produce stunning British-made jewellery that will last more than a lifetime.

You can find out more about our innovative stainless steel jewellery on our website and buy pieces in our online store.

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